The Game

HIVE21 is a strategy game set in the near future where you control a squad of soldiers to fight against alien invaders. The game runs in real-time, but features a tactic mode which can be used to pause combat at any point. Combine each of your soldiers' unique skills, adapt them to every situation and watch your plans unfold in real time or get annihilated by your enemies.

The story: Intelligent extraterrestrial life forms have invaded earth and quickly set up organic bases, the HIVEs, from where they launch and coordinate their operations.
During the first weeks of contact human counter operations were quite effective, but then HIVE21 emerged, apparently the most powerful one, and things quickly went south. Now, most of human population is eradicated or scattered.

You will command a special unit of the global defense association.
Conquer the wasteland called forth by our aggressors to finally find and destroy HIVE21 to save the human race!



  • 2D top-down strategy
  • Unique mix of action-packed real time and tactical pause mode
  • Squad-oriented tactic
  • Lighting-influenced combat system
  • Many different skills to combine
  • Single player campaign
  • Challenge mode
  • Character upgrade system
tactical pause

Tactical pause

Though HIVE21 is a real-time strategy game you can always pause the game with the push of a button. The tactical pause offers you necessary combat intelligence and allows you to carefully plan your actions ahead. Get the most out of your skills and combine them wisely.


Real-time lighting

Darkness engulfs each level and combat is only possible in lighted areas. Your enemies don’t rely on visual perception but your soldiers can’t attack what they can’t see. If you have to approach the darkness, be quick, be careful and above all - always send multiple units... you never know what may lurk in the dark.



Your soldiers have access to a wide variety of different skills - it's your task to combine them in the most efficient ways to reach success.
Rockets, stun-rays, decoys, deployable lights, shields, teleports and many more - your arsenal contains an option for any situation.


Challenging tasks

Guide your squad through a dangerous post-apocolyptic wasteland infested by hordes of unkown lifeforms. Use your wits to adapt your soldier's individual skills to many different scenarios and finally find the monstrous HIVE21. From navigating them through unknown territory over desperate defend-and-survive situations to coordinated offensive operations and escort missions - the aliens will always push you to your limits.



HIVE21 is currently in development and will presumably be released in late 2016.

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Benjamin Doppler Programming
Thomas Franz Programming, Project Lead
Peter Kainrad Programming, PR
Lale Maria Kerstenhann Art
Daniel Rammer Programming, Sound Design
Moritz Rührlinger Art


Thomas Franz

Neufahrergasse 40

4040 Linz